About Us

Triple D Entertainment LLC; Destined, Determined, Designed, is a fast growing, Full Service, Audio Visual production company. Triple D is an entertainment company that offers various services pertaining to sound, music and media. Triple D offers a range of services including but not limited to: Assessment, Recommendations, Design and Installation of Custom Sound and Video Systems for Concert Venues, Clubs & Clubhouses, Churches, Fitness Clubs, Auditoriums and other spaces and Planning and Execution of Tours, Festivals, Concerts, Conferences, Churches and other Special Events.

With our combined 15 years of experience we are confident that we will meet the need of every customer. From small intimate setting to large open air concerts, and everything in between our company is equipped for your success! A number of our customers requested us to work with them in the enhance and/or upgrade of their audio systems to achieve a better sound. We enjoy working with churches as we understand important role quality sound plays in a service. We are talented musicians, engineers, videographer, photographers and more. We love what we do.

Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way.

Booker T. Washington

We are hoping to also offer a number new services in the near future including Lighting, Backline, LED Video and Projection, Cryo Co2 FX Jets, Confetti and other Special FX Solutions.

As a company we at Triple D insist on ensuring your complete satisfaction with our sound solutions for all your event needs.